weather channel its amazing out there

Weather Channel

Competing in the Weather Channel's "Its Amazing Out There" 2017 Photo Contest.

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the bird is the word new birds gallery

Bird Photography

Boasting over two dozen images of Pennsylvania birds featuring Cardinals, Woodpeckers, Blue Jays and more!

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drawing gallery celebrity portraits :: september 2016

Celebrity Portraits

Over 50 portraits totalling over 400 hours of pencil time on display. Store is live and currently running sales on select pieces!

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clearance sale comic book artwork :: august 2016

Drawings Gallery

Super Heroes, Villains, Orcs and Movie Characters wrapped up in a very intuitive slideshow of color and black/white creations.

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feature gallery birds of prey :: march 2015

Bald Eagle Observation

Justin has been out and about observing the Bald Eagle, Osprey and other raptors - helping in the conservation of nesting with the US Geological Survey and Center for Conservation Biology!

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digital portfolio photography slideshow

Subaru Impreza

Browse personal and professional photographs, hundreds of photos for your viewing pleasure.

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